The Centre is mandated to conduct research in the areas of ICT.


The Centre also has the Business Applications Development & Incubation Program (BADIP) through which it extends outreach to the community. Under this program, the Centre currently oversees the Google Developer Group (GDG) MUBS as well as the 'One Million Code Girls' program.



GDG MUBS (Google Developer Group MUBS)

Launched in September 2014, the Google Developer Group MUBS (GDG MUBS) is a group of business related developers who are dedicated to building a strong local developer base. We are out here to get the developer community in Makerere University Business School (MUBS) to collaborate for sharing ideas, learning new skills and implementing the same in real life scenarios using Google Technologies.

The Centre organises various Google events for the group, including the Android Study Jams, Google Cloud Extended, Google I/O and the DevFest among others.

Android Study Jam Series:To introduce the community (newbie developers) to Android development fundamentals.

Google Cloud Extended:To showcase the different Google Cloud computing technology and how to use it.

Google I/O: A global developer conference aimed at exploring what Google has come up with for the upcoming year.

DevFest (Developer Festival):To offer speaker sessions across multiple Google products, all day hackathons and code labs.




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The 'One Million Code Girls'

The ‘One Million Code Girls’ project is an outreach program created by the Centre to encourage the girl child to take part in ICT innovations. Participants are given computer skills necessary for creativity and innovation using ICT tools.