What We Do

In order to achieve its set objectives, the MUBS ICT Centre carries out the following activities;

  1. Together with International Centre for Information Technology and Development, organize the annual ICT4Africa Conferences.
  2. Organize research seminars and workshops.
  3. Compile research findings.
  4. Seek for grant proposals.
  5. Publish ICT research findings.
  6. Conduct trainings in ICT professional programs.
  7. Conduct ICT professional certifications exams.
  8. Conduct performance based ICT skills training programs for organizations.
  9. Train & promote e-learning tools in institutions of higher learning in the country and region.
  10. Create and maintain online information centre.
  11. Create and update ICT data bank.
  12. Write grant proposals.
  13. Write ICT conference papers.
  14. Provide information on ICT projects in the region.
  15. Provide information on community ICT projects in the country and region.
  16. Sensitize and create awareness on ICT among disadvantaged communities.
  17. Train the community on ICT.
  18. Support existing community-based ICT Centres.
  19. Establish community-based ICT Centres.
  20. Provide ICT-based consultancy services.
  21. Coordinate teaching of ICT university programs.
  22. Provide administrative function for ICT University.
  23. Organize ICT staff exchange programs for MUBS staff.
  24. Coordinate students exchange programs for MUBS students.

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